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What does a RESNET HERs rating mean to you; you ask?

  • A HERs rated home is a voluntary 3rd party certification that measures a home’s energy-efficiency and the way it was constructed. Builders that partner with the WI Focus on Energy program have access to a network of 3rd party independent HERs raters that verify many aspects of the homes construction and features through inspections and energy modeling software.  Builders and individuals alike can also hire a HERs rater outside of the WI Focus on Energy program to do a rating of their home, but lose access to many of the WI Focus on Energy programs benefits such as advertising and recognition.


  • Constructing a new home with builders who have 3rd party HERs ratings completed on all of the homes they build verifies a builder’s responsibility to the customer, environment, community and contributes to a more energy sustainable future. The owners of homes that have been HERs rated can expect: reduced cost in energy bills, increased comfort, higher home resale value, reduce their carbon footprint, and are seen as stewards of the environment.


  • Builders in WI who are willing to invite an independent 3rd party into their business to perform HERs ratings on their customer's homes exhibit confidence in the product they're building, and aren't just building houses; they are forward thinkers who care about the future.  It also corroborates their efforts to create comfortable, environmentally sound homes, and creates a marketing edge for themselves, but the real winners are the environment and consumer.


  • Building HERS-rated homes isn’t just about what is on paper – it’s about creating happy, comfortable, and sustainable living spaces for customers. The positive feedback from customers, and the fact that most of Wisconsin's highest volume builders participate in the WI Focus on Energy Program to have their homes HERS rated tells us we’re achieving just that.  Especially since in WI this is an entirely voluntary process and not a requirement to building a new home in WI.  What does that tell you?

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