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A Wisconsin Home Performance Audit (Home Energy Audit)

Unless we've been requested to look at your home by a contractor or another building professional the initial inspection lasts two to three hours. When we are at your home at the request of a contractor of other supply manufacturer testing usually takes an hour or two and revolves around the specific issue(s) that you and the contractor are trying to rectify.  During the inspection additional things may uncover themselves that you may not already be aware of.


After the inspection and tests are completed, we review the issues we found with your home and provide more explanation to what you just witnessed with your home during testing.

We don't complete any of the work that's needed for your home.  We're simply their to tell you what the heart of the matters are.


Focus on Energy and ENERGY STAR sometimes offer rebates on qualified products.  

A change to one part of the home whether its sealing drafts, changing windows, siding, insulation, or even                installation of  a  new door can affect other parts of the home too.


Unless we are at your home due to a contractors request we perform testing that is part of a process known in the industry as, "The whole house approach" to repairs or improvements.   

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