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Testing and Documentation
Building science based principles
NOT biased opinions

Services we provide builders and homeowners building a new home:

  • We can perform air infiltration testing and verify air leakage requirements of Wisconsin building code SPS 322.37

  • Perform duct leakage testing on ductwork inside and outside of the home

  • Complete infrared scans

  • Load calculations for permit

  • Problem solve

  • Video chimney inspections

  • IAQ/Mold testing

  • Radon testing

  • Electrical panel mapping and labling

  • Combustion safety testing

  • Home Energy Ratings (HER's)

Contact us at 262-470-3149  or at

Why should you hire us when building a new home:

  • We provide load calculations for builders across Wisconsin

  • HER's ratings for new homes to qualify for available Federal and or Focus on Energy incentives according to RESNET standards for a rated home

  • Custom tailored services to builders and customers in the process of building a new home with test results specific to each individual home.

  • Although we have experience in remodeling and new construction recommendations are based off of building science based principles NOT biased opinions

What does all of this mean?

  • Less service calls

  • Increased consumer confidence in a builder which welcomes a third party independent inspector to test and verify each homes performance!

  • Airflow, infiltration, combustion safety, indoor air quality, and proper ventilation are addressed and designed for your home- before the construction process begins.

  • Third party unbiased verification of homes performance after completion

  • Higher resale value

We also provide services to builders who construct modular homes too.

We do travel out of the state of WI- call for details

  • Reduced Liability

  • Recognition

  • Distinguishing your company from the competition

  • Reduced callbacks/service calls

  • Unbiased third party recommendations & suggestions

  • Third party verification

  • Informational source

  • Renewable energy/ Green building

  • Third set of eyes on the site

  • Peace of Mind

  • Tested and verified home

Changing one part of the house will affect other systems of the house, and sometimes detrimentally!

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