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Have you thought about having a home performance inspection completed on your home, but forgot about it becasue of the nice weather? Well here are a bunch of reasons to consider having an energy audit completed now rather than later.

  1. Federal tax credits of 30% of the cost of the audit up to $150 are currently available as well as tax credits towards improvements!

  2. Rebates and incentives through the WI Focus on Energy program for improvements will be available in July of 2024 but retroactive to 08/16/2023 if the predictions of energy savings are above 20%, for those homes in dire need of upgrades, higher incentives are available for projects with 35% or better predicted energy savings.

  3. Low income qualified incentives are also available through the Focus on Energy Program.

  4. Single and multifamily homes as well as rentals can qualify for most incentives with the exception of new construction homes.

  5. An inspection and predicted savings must be completed before work is started.

  6. Envelope upgrades must be completed before HVAC and equipment upgrades.

  7. Eligible equipment upgrades include ranges, specific water heaters, wiring and load center upgrades.

  8. Some new construction homes are eligible for electrification rebates if the income is below 150% of AMI.

With so much opportunity to reduce the cost of your home improvement project and the fact that the incentives are retroactive to audits completed all the way back to August of 2023 its anticipated that the Focus on Energy incentive budget in 2024 may run out. So schedule your inspection now to take advantage before that happens.

***For a limited time we are also offering up to $100 off of the cost of an energy audit. 

Call for details.

Offering inspections that get to the root causes of issues with your home

You can schedule online, by calling (262) 470-3149  or by email 

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