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Federal tax credits of 30% of the cost of the audit up to $150 are currently available as well as tax credits towards improvements!

Rebates and incentives through the WI Focus on Energy program for improvements will be available in July of 2024 but retroactive to 08/16/2023!

Schedule your inspection now to take advantage before their budget runs out in 2024.

***For a limited time we are also offering up to $100 off of the cost of an energy audit. 

Call for details.

Inspections that get to the root cause of issues with your home
You can schedule online, by calling (262) 470-3149  or by email 

Home Inspections:

A home is probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so it’s important to understand the condition of your investment. I’ll provide a non-invasive evaluation of the home’s accessible structure, systems and components. While a home inspection can’t reveal every concern that exists, it will significantly reduce your anxiety by arming you with the knowledge you need to make an informed home-buying decision.

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Energy Audit / Home Performance Inspections:

We offer an energy audit that provides an in-depth look at your home.

  • Gets to the root cause of the issues your homes experiencing. 

  • A completely unbiased inspection. 

  • Currently meets the criteria to claim state rebates, incentives, and Federal tax credits

  • Sitting down and discussing the issues you're experiencing with your home

  • A short walkthrough

  • Inspecting and testing

  • Discussing the findings and a professional easy to read report

  • State and Federal incentives, rebates and tax credits available

  • Special pricing for homes under 1000 sq ft., Military, Fire/EMS, Doctors and Nurses


Also check out the WI Focus on Energy page for state incentives and contractors to perform improvements to your home, or Energy Star for Federal tax credit information.

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Radon Gas Test Inspection:

Reducing radon levels in your home is a simple and effective way to protect your health. If you are concerned about radon, please contact us for a short 48 hour test.  We can also provide longer testing times if needed and usually provide preliminary results when we pick up our test unit.  We have also completed extensive training to get certified.

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Sporecyte Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspection:
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Our inspection starts with what caused the issue(s) to begin with. Then we take indoor air quality (IAQ) and/or slide samples which are then sent in to a laboratory for expert analysis and reporting.  Sampling takes less than a half hour to complete so it's perfect to add to another inspection too.

This report is usually in your hands within 2 days! For an additional fee a 1/2 hr call can be scheduled to talk directly with the lab about your results.

Chimney & Fireplace Inspection:

Using the latest tech we'll not only do a visual check of the fireplace and chimney we'll use a specialized camera designed to view and record the inside of your chimney. This will find any number of issues or verify your fireplace is currently in operable condition.

Electrical panel mapping:

Curious as to why that breaker keeps tripping? Has there been a lot of work done to your home over the years, or are you planning on making improvement’s that include electrical circuits? Has your electrician told you that you’ll need a new sub panel? Among other things our panel mapping service could help save you some money on that sub panel and identify circuits that are overloaded, or under-utilized curcuits.  Additionally, it provides you a new panel card to replace the old outdated inaccurate one.

Electrical panel DIY
New Construction Inspection

See our "New Home" page for more information on the extensive list of services we provide for new construction homes.

Beyond Energy LLC House
Pre-Drywall Inspection

One way to ensure that a house is built according to its specifications is by performing a pre-drywall inspection. “Pre-drywall” refers to a phase during the homebuilding process just after the installation of certain elements – such as the doors, windows, foundation, flooring, wall and roof components, plumbing and electrical rough-in – and right before the drywall is hung. This in-progress or construction-phase inspection is useful because drywall can obscure some aspects of the interior and make identifying or fixing any problems both difficult and expensive, once the new home is completely finished.

Infrared Inspection:

I use a state-of-the-art infrared camera to find problems that aren’t always apparent to the naked eye. By evaluating these images, I can detect sources of energy loss, locate areas of moisture intrusion, pinpoint dangerous hot spots in the electrical system, and uncover other problems you may not even know exist or existed in your home.  

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Monster Free Inspection:

Moving to a new home can be stressful for children, too. That’s why I offer a Monster-Free Inspection and Certificate. Your child can accompany me while I inspect under their bed, under the stairs, in the closet, and anywhere else they want so I can assure them that there aren’t any monsters. Simply request this service when I schedule your inspection and I’ll bring a personalized Monster-Free Certificate with me.

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You can also add-on one of our inspections to a scheduled inspection.
Add on services listed below

Radon test 

Although radon is a naturally occurring gas in our environment, it's also the second leading cause of lung cancer deaths in the U.S., according to the Surgeon General. One out of 15 homes is estimated to have dangerously elevated radon levels. The Surgeon General and the Environmental Protection Agency recommend testing all houses. Millions of Americans have had their homes tested for radon, and you should, too. (48 hr test)

Gas leakage testing potential gas leaks:

Utilizing a professional grade gas sniffer we go around and "sniff" the exposed gas lines and gas meter of the home.  If a leak is detected we'll apply a solution to the suspect area to verify if it is actually a leak and mark it for your plumber or professional contractor to come and fix. (1/2 - 1 hour extra)

Chimney inspection:

A level-one chimney inspection includes a visual check of the fireplace and chimney without any special equipment or climbing up on the roof. The inspector will come to your house with a flashlight; look for damage, obstructions, creosote buildup, and soot; and tell you if the chimney requires sweeping.  (1-2 hours extra)

IAQ (indoor air quality)/ Mold test:

We collect air quality (IAQ) and/or slide samples which are then sent into a lab for expert analysis and reporting. Your samples are read in the lab by both AI (artificial intelligence) and a certified indoor air quality/mold expert. This is an in depth report that also includes actual magnified pictures of the pollutants collected.

Expert air test analysis available:

The certified indoor air quality/mold expert that analyzed your tests results from the air samples we collected at your home can be discussed in a 1/2 hour "1 on 1" phone conversation.  This is an addition to the in depth report you would normally recieve from the samples we collected, and an additional charge.

Energy Audit post test:

Ensure ressults are in line with expected and retest air infiltration rate and other issues neccesary to measure improvement over the previous inspection.

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Duct leakage test add on: 

A duct leakage test is a diagnostic test designed to measure the airtightness of forced air heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) ductwork ensuring the air you just paid to heat or cool is put where you can enjoy it.

Electrical panel mapping:

Mapping or identifying circuit loads in your home’s electrical panel may seem simple enough, but are you sure it's correct. Among other things our panel mapping service could help save you some money when you go to make improvements to your home by identifying circuits that are overloaded, or under-utilized which also increases the safety of your family.  Additionally, it provides you a new panel card to replace the old outdated inaccurate one. 

Electrical panel Pro
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