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Rebates and Tax incentives - In case you hadn't heard

In their lastest mailing, We Energies has sent along a reminder about getting an energy audit for your home to not only reduce your energy bills, but increase the comfort, durability and safety of your home.

Additionally, their are a number of incentives available through programs like the Wisconsin Focus on Energy program which offers incentives for improvements completed on your home as a result of an energy audit or Home Performance Inspection. You may also be eligible for income-qualified rebates under the program too.

Federal Tax Credits are also available for having an energy audit or home performance inspection completed on your home too! The credits even cover part of the cost of the audit; up to $150, and up to a $3200 in one year depending on the upgrades completed! There are specific requirments that need to be met in order to claim the credit, but a RESNET or BPI certified home energy rater or building analyst will easily be able to navigate them. It should be noted that becasue of those requirements the audit will cost a bit more to cover additional costs for generating the reports needed to meet the requirements, and take a bit longer than a simple energy audit.

Check out ways to save at WE Energies, the Energy Star program or the Wisconsin Focus on Energy Program by clicking the links provided.

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