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Here are a few of the many positive comments we have received from some of our past and present customers.

Last year we had work completed in our attic and a new roof and roof sheathing installed.  Now we have mold across or new sheathing inside the attic.  Your inspection helped us rectify issues we never thought we had.  I wish we would have had you come out first! Thanks!- Milwaukee, WI

"Your explanations made the process a lot easier to understand"- Eagle, WI

"I'm so glad we had this completed before we made improvements to our home. It answered a lot of our questions and I'm sure it saved us some money ."- Waukesha, WI

"Our budget billing went down for the first time since we lived here, after we made the improvements you suggested" -Waukesha, WI

"This was a very thorough inspection"- Oconomowoc, WI

"You discovered issues I thought were fixed, but weren't" - Menominee Falls, WI

"The cost of the audit was made up just in the money it saved us on what my husband thought was wrong and was going to fix. Thank you"- Delafield, WI

"I'm glad you found the cause of our homes issues, it saved us a bunch of money"- Kenosha, WI

"Thank you for the very comprehensive report. This helps a lot!" - Oconomowoc, WI

"The whole process went well.  The report was good and the contractors worked out well too"- New Berlin, WI

"Very Impressive" - Nashota, WI

"Worth every penny to have the inspection done"- Delafield, WI 

"My utility consumption was down dramatically from last year. I check my gas/electric bill every month and compare the average daily temp and look at consumption. During the coldest month of the season the average temp was 10 degrees below last year and I used the same amount of gas.The rest of the months my gas consumption was substantially lower than the previous year.  My electric portion went up a little but I attribute that to the continuous running bath fan that was installed."-New Berlin, WI