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New changes in 2016 WI code SPS 322.37

Among a number of new changes to Wisconsin's state building code (SPS 320, 321, 322, SPS 323), are requirements to have a blower door test completed on a new construction home. Ref 322.37 Air leakage. Fortunately builders who participate in the WI Focus on Energy Program already meet this requirement.
Big Changes Coming

In case you haven't heard Focus on Energy has lost the bid to deliver the current "Focus on Energy" program and incentives to a new company called "The Shaw Group.  This is going to affect a number of program benefits, co-op and customer rewards. 

The Shaw group representative gave indications this morning that there will still be a New Homes Program and an Existing homes program when they officially take over.  She also stated there will be some sort of incentive and reward structure under the new program, but did not give any specific information about the amounts of any incentives that would be available.

Following is a list of a few changes coming down the pipeline from our quarterly meeting this morning.

For existing homes and Affordable housing programs.

Current HP and Affordable housing projects will have to be completed with a post/ final test and submitted to Focus by the end of this year in order to receive the current incentives. 

It's my understanding that the previous deadline of having measures installed by the end of September to receive rewards announced a week ago is no longer valid.

Any affordable housing new homes must have their applications into Focus by January 31st.

Any requests for co-op can still be submitted to Focus as usual, but Focus must now pass this info to Shaw in order to get approval so please allow up to 3 weeks to receive approval.

The Home Performance with Energy Star program sounds like it is going to be turned over and administered by the Department of Energy (DOE) instead of the EPA.

Home Performance with Energy Star may have a name change because of the change in who's administering the program, and the Energy Star program is very protective of the ENERGY STAR designation.

A lot of current builder allys have opted for the Focus New Homes program as an alternative the Energy Star v3.

Questions can be directed towards me for follow up with Focus or Shaw, or the Shaw Groups customer service number is 1-800-762-7077 or