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New changes in 2016 WI code SPS 322.37

Among a number of new changes to Wisconsin's state building code (SPS 320, 321, 322, SPS 323), are requirements to have a blower door test completed on a new construction home. Ref 322.37 Air leakage. Fortunately builders who participate in the WI Focus on Energy Program already meet this requirement.

An important note about our air, swab and slide sampling service:

We collect the samples only, and do not make any representations as to whether or not a substance we sample is mold or something else.

Air sampling includes a minimum of 2 indoor and 1 outdoor samples for a flat fee.  Sampling can be added to an existing appointment for an additional charge or completed independant of any other inspections. Additional samples above the minimum can also be taken for an additional charge.  Additional samples are recommended to give you the best results of how bad the issues may or may not be in your home. 
We send the samples to a lab for analysis and report generation.  The analysis and report are completed by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the lab; who employes mold experts and are ISO# 13485 certified.  The report from the lab is then supplied to us to pass along to you.  The lab report is easy to read, understand and even provides pictures of the spores identified.  Most customers find that the information the report supplies is adequate enough for the decisions they want to make.  If you find that you want more of an in depth look than what the information the report provides, or have other specific questions pertaining to the findings there is a number on your report to call to talk to the mold expert who read your samples.  There is an additional fee for this valuable service which is charged to you by the lab.  The fee is currently $99, is one on one, and lasts about 1/2 hour. 

An important note about our Electrical Panel Mapping

A relativley new process completed in this fashion. Panel mapping is completed to trace electrical outlets and light fixtures to the appropriate breaker in the panel.  Once completed a panel card can be printed to allow you to place on the panel to take away the guesswork of what outlet is on this breaker or that.  With that completed it becomes easier for you to to track down and trace electrical loads to specific breakers.  Usually this test process takes between 1-2 hours to complete depending on the size and complexity of the house beiung mapped.

  An important note about our Chimney Inspections

It is important to note that in order to do a proper inspection and identify as much as possible during the inspection that the chimney be professionally cleaned before having an inspection completed.  We at our discretion may modify some of the following depending on the circumstances and criteria for the level of inspection.  What you can expect during a level 1 inspection includes all readily accessible and accessible portions of the installation (interior and exterior) not including the roof. Level 2 includes all readily accessible and accessible areas, within the exterior and interior, covering areas including the roof area that can be accessed using standard tools, the attic area, the base of the installation and the interior of the chimney with the use of video scanning equipment and/or other means.