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Your local choice for unbiased information about your home

The past 3 years the Focus on Energy New homes program in collaboration with 3rd party consultants such as Beyond Energy LLC have certified over 6500 new homes for builders, and over 26,500 since 2000!


An unbiased consultation about your existing homes performance without the sales pitch!

Some of our customers have experienced up to a 57% savings in energy consumption!(after suggested improvements were conducted of course)


During our inspection (commonly known as an energy audit) of your home we talk about the issues your experiencing with your home complete a visual inspection, conduct a draft test on your home, perform combustion safety testing, ventilation testing, locate potential gas leaks, and of course perform an infrared scan of your home. 

We review the issues we're finding with you in real time so you can see for yourself what's happening and discuss the remedies with you. We also compile this information into a report along with any pertinent color infra red pictures that were taken during the inspection.

Some of our customers have experienced (after suggested improvements were conducted) up to a 57% savings in energy consumption!

Contact us at 262-470-3149, or email us at if we're not with a customer we'll be happy to immediately answer your call to talk about what we can do for you; otherwise we will return your call (or email) usually within 24 hours.

Here are a few reasons to have a Home Performance audit completed on your existing home.

 When buying a home   Preventing mold
 When selling a home   Reduce Drafts
 Shadows on your walls or ceilings   Reduce Energy Bills
 To justify new windows   Condensation
 Ice damming   Pertinent information

Let us help you make your home more comfortable, safe, durable, and energy efficient with a home energy audit/ home performance inspection. 

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Building a new home?  Over 26,500 homes have been certified through the Focus on Energy program since the programs inception in 2000. Curious about Wisconsin Building Code SPS 322.37?

 We provide testing and documentation to meet the requirements of Wisconsin's building code SPS 322.37 to builders, contractors, and individuals building new homes regardless of if you participate in the Focus on Energy New Homes Program or not.

When you participate in the Focus on Energy New Homes program (NHP) gain peace of mind knowing that the home you’re building has been computer modeled, and has been inspected through out the entire construction process by an unbiased RESNET certified HERS rater and is up to date on recent energy code updates. 

When participating on the NHP and your home is complete it will be tested according to the Focus on Energy new homes program standards. The results will then be run through energy rating software to determine how energy efficient your home is compared to others, and verified by Focus on Energy for accuracy and certification.

The home may then qualify for Federal tax credits too!

Voluntary participation in this process allows for easy corrections during the framing stages of construction, potentially saving thousands of dollars in retrofits and improvements later on down the road. This also shows that the builder you chose is dedicated to ensuring everything has been done to avoid any potential issues down the road.

Participation can also improve the resale value of your home as it does in many other parts of the country too.

Beyond Energy LLC proudly promotes ENERGY STAR and Focus on Energy however we don't sell anything.  We simply provide you unbiased information without selling windows, doors, siding, insulation, etc.

We’re proud to offer services that help our customers reduce their energy consumption and are committed to the goals of the ENERGY STAR® programs throughout SE WI. Contact us.

Thank you for considering us for your project!

If your looking for a home inspector for a home purchase we suggest you contact: Tom Feiza "Mr. Fix It ", at Mr. Fix-It Inc. 262-383-4884, or

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